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Invitation to Online Premiere and Artist’s Talk | An Instruction Manual on How to be Lucky


Thank you to the City of Melbourne for funding me with a Covid 19 Quick Response Grant. In amongst the delirium of isolation I have been busy creating a video which will premiere online with an accompanying artists talk in mind-June. Please stay posted as anyone in the world will be able to attend this online event.

Emergency Responses

Emergency Responses opens today at First Site Gallery, RMIT. This is a colloborative exhibition with Victoria Jost, which explores how individuals create systems in order to make sense of an unpredictable and chaotic universe.

Victoria’s work looks at the creative act as essential to survival, using fantasy and imagination as an approach, her ten metre drawing questions the distinctions between the real and the unreal, fiction and reality. Victoria’s systems use the four elements as a starting point, as the most basic matter of the universe, to create a diagram of the world.

Carolina’s work looks at impulse towards systematization as a paradoxical attempt to use find freedom through the imposition rules and constraints. Her series of drawings and her short film consider the tension that arises from creating systems, structures that simultaneously broaden and narrow our perspectives and ways of understanding of the world.
Both the artists in their works have pushed the idea of systems to the point where they break from of being systems and become redundant structures, that have lost their functionality and become absurd, Victoria’s through the use of scale and Carolina’s through the intentional use of flawed logic.

At this show you will see a film I have made with the assistance of Tim Sharp

I warmly welcome you to my upcoming exhibition


The Three Great Gods in the Sky

I have arrived at the seventh art, cinema, a new space where distinct elements can be combined: sound, motion, image, potentially virtual reality.
For the last few months I have been collaborating with Cian Holt on The Treasure Hunt, an exploratory work exploring the cultural impact of mining in Western Australia. This is my first experience at making a truly collaborative work and our first attempt at a film.


The Three Great Gods in the Sky (2017)

There seems to be a strong focus amongst Perth artists on landscape and place, something natural given the problematic colonial history and the uncomfortable feeling that Perth is, or at least until recently has been, a culturally uninteresting, socially conservative place and certainly not a place where art is appreciated, and so it is best to move to Melbourne. There have been a string of mining booms throughout Western Australia’s history which have been influential on the local culture, both directly and indirectly making us who we are today


As the figure depicted above looks out over the marshes, up at the Three Great Gods in the Sky, is she questioning the future, asking for guidance? are the gold objects in the basket an offering or have they been stolen? Is it a guilty glance towards the looming gods, or an act of defiance? Why the cape? Is this our hero or is it our villain?

Open Your Eyes

Below is a short film I made on the sheer terror of existence. Make sure you turn up the volume.

Raku Firing


Macica (2017) 10cm x 17 cm, Raku-fired Ceramic

Below are some photos from the Raku-firing process, which is a technique of placing glazed ceramics in a kiln for a relatively short period (approximately 1.5 hours) and then throwing them mercilessly into sawdust, which creates interesting patterns and textures.

Ceramic Archetypes – A Good Omen

Un Buen Augurio ( A Good Omen)

Un Buen Augurio ( A Good Omen)

I am taking great delight in my ceramics course and creating some 3-dimensional archetypes with clay. The “Good Omen” heralds the birth of a new artistic direction and the coming of Easter.

The above images show porcelain ceramics which are drying prior to the initial bisque firing (1000 degrees) after which they will be glazed and then again fired to stoneware quality (1360 degrees). The archetypal individuals have been placed in archetypal arrangements: “the archetypal philosophy circle” and “the archetypal power struggle”.


A New Studio ….


Exciting things ahead this semester, including Lithography and Ceramics

Welcome, Year of the Rooster

Happy Chinese New Year. After a year of mischief from the monkey, the time has come for good fortune and prosperity in the form of a Rooster.


Chicken Head Squid

Happy Chinese New Year 2017 25 x 21 cm, Pen Pencil and Gouache on Paper

Pen and Gouache on paper 21 x 25 cm


Jacob’s Ladder


Jacob’s Ladder 96 x 96 cm, collage and mixed media on MDF panels


Currently Exhibiting – “Matilda Bay”


Matilda Bay, Perth, Western Australia (2015) Acrylic on Canvas 120cm x 90cm

Matilda Bay, Perth, Western Australia (2015) Acrylic on Canvas 120cm x 90cm

I have been chosen as a finalist for the Town of Claremont Art Awards. Exhibition Dates: 20 August – 28 August 2016 in the Claremont Quarter, top floor

Artist v the Free Market – Beaufort Street Festival 2015

I will be trying to make a profit from my art, by selling it, at the Beaufort Street Festival, this 14 November 2015 in Perth. Similar endeavours have been undertaken by countless artists over the centuries and in most cases lead to failure (to make any money). Despite the unlikelihood of a profitable day, I am using this as an occasion to work on some smaller drawings and show them off on the day.

Below is my little drawing triptych “think good thoughts” inspired by the Zoroastrian creed “think good thoughts, speak good words, do good deeds”….

Think good thoughts

Think good thoughts