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Emergency Responses (2019)

Emergency Responses, a collaboration with Victoria Jostexplored how individuals create systems in order to make sense of an unpredictable and chaotic universe

My series of ten diagrammatic drawings, An Instruction Manual on How to be Lucky and short film Threshold Magnitude, considered at the human impulse to create systems as a paradoxical attempt to find freedom through the imposition rules and constraints. There is a tension that arises from creating systems, as they simultaneously broaden our understanding, clarifying the structure of things, and narrow our perspectives, as gradually all that was nebulous and multiverse precipitates into defined, singular forms.

Victoria’s work, a ten metre drawing looked at the creative act as essential to survival, using fantasy and imagination as an approach, her ten metre drawing questions the distinctions between the real and the unreal, fiction and reality.  Victoria’s systems use the four elements as a starting point, as the most basic matter of the universe, to create a diagram of the world.

Image: Threshold Magnitude by Carolina Arsenii at RMIT First Site Gallery, Melbourne
Photo Credit: Eloise Coomber
Watch at: https://vimeo.com/349779269
(password: ThresholdMagnitude)

An Instruction Manual on How to be Lucky