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The Three Great Gods in the Sky

I have arrived at the seventh art, cinema, a new space where distinct elements can be combined: sound, motion, image, potentially virtual reality.
For the last few months I have been collaborating with Cian Holt on The Treasure Hunt, an exploratory work exploring the cultural impact of mining in Western Australia. This is my first experience at making a truly collaborative work and our first attempt at a film.


The Three Great Gods in the Sky (2017)

There seems to be a strong focus amongst Perth artists on landscape and place, something natural given the problematic colonial history and the uncomfortable feeling that Perth is, or at least until recently has been, a culturally uninteresting, socially conservative place and certainly not a place where art is appreciated, and so it is best to move to Melbourne. There have been a string of mining booms throughout Western Australia’s history which have been influential on the local culture, both directly and indirectly making us who we are today


As the figure depicted above looks out over the marshes, up at the Three Great Gods in the Sky, is she questioning the future, asking for guidance? are the gold objects in the basket an offering or have they been stolen? Is it a guilty glance towards the looming gods, or an act of defiance? Why the cape? Is this our hero or is it our villain?

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