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November 2022

Currently Exhibiting – Hook and Eye

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Still from “Hook and Eye”, collaboration with @cianholt , 5:10 minutes part of the “Zan, Zendegi, Azadi” (Woman, Life, Freedom) exhibition currrently on at @ladderartspace This video work follows three women as they purposefully walk through a dark, deserted urban landscape to explore ideas of women, freedom and night. The footage used to create this video was filmed collaboratively by Carolina Arsenii and @cianholt and involved hours of traipsing through the coastal northern suburban streets of Perth. Only a fraction of the footage filmed was used. The creation of this video required us to visit sites that may be traditionally considered dangerous for women such as suburban streets, underpasses and parkland in the dark of the night. We felt we were only able to be out in the night with the safety of each other’s company, but the video depicts an ideal world where women walk at night alone without feeling unsafe. In some ways, by the making of the video, we were taking a step towards creating this reality.… Read More »Currently Exhibiting – Hook and Eye